We offer frozen semen from select stallions at $215/dose. Contract available on request.

Paisano SMR 3313

(War Dancer x Wyoming Dusk)
13.3 hands
Black sabino appaloosa – born 2003
Gelded 2008
Bred by Emmett Brislawn, Cayuse Ranch
SMR 3313 – HOA – AIHR
ASPR (American Sport Pony Registry)
Graded First Premium

From foundation SMR stock, Paisano combines wonderful temperament, correct conformation, excellent movement along with a splash of appaloosa and sabino color. He is homozygous black, negative for LWO, and heterozygous for LP and Sabino-1. He is also First Premium Approved with the American Sport Pony Registry and cross registered with the HOA.

Paisano is well trained under saddle, could be ridden brideless when we owned him, and represented the breed at numerous expos and shows. As a stallion, he was easy to handle with excellent temperament, and an intelligent and inquisitive mind.

Paisano has been gelded, but there are limited breedings available by frozen semen.

Mia Diablitos - Spanish Barb stallion

Mia Diablitos (Diablo)
(RH Tajhe x Tiwa)
14.2 hands
Black – born 1997
Deceased 2016
Bred by Linda Richardson
SMR 2470

We had Diablo on lease the spring of 2016. We found him to be a very intelligent and athletic horse. Diablo was saddle trained in his younger years, and was used to push cattle and for trick roping.

His unique bloodlines will serve as an excellent addition to any Spanish Barb or Colonial Spanish Horse breeding program. Diablo is a Tiwa son, and an Azul grandson. Other notable horses within four generations are Four Lane, Yellow Fox, Scarface, Blue Corn, and Coche II. It’s rare to find foundation lines like this so close up in a breeding horse’s pedigree.

Diablo’s color genetics testing show that he is heterozygous black, negative for creme and LWO. He carried red, so has a 50% chance of siring chestnut horses when bred to a red based mare. We have a few doses of frozen semen available for shipment.